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Ladetech Mattress Machinery is professional supplier of complete set of foam and mattress machines. With more than 10-year experience in manufacturing mattress machinery, we have been selling our machines to more than 700 mattress manufacturers in China and abroad. Our main machines are bonnell spring machine, pocket spring machine, superlastic spring machine, mattress multineedle chain stitch quilting machine, mattress sewing machine, mattress flanging machine, mattress tape edge machine, mattress packing machine, PU foaming machine, foam cutting machine, pillow machine and so on. Being an all-rounded supplier for foam and mattress plant manufacturers, we not only offer the best quality machines, but also permanent technical support and after sales service for clients all around the world.

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As an all-rounded supplier for foam and mattress manufacturers, we devote ourselves to
  • Improve foam and mattress production efficiency
  • Reduce growing labor cost
  • Make faster turnaround on orders with more diversity in new mattress designs
  • Save much more storage space and transportation cost
  • Make some innovations in mattress production technologies
  • Complete more automated foam and mattress factory solution