Ladetech is specialized in manufacturing complete set of foam and mattress machines including: bonnell spring machine, pocket spring machine, continuous (superlastic) spring machine, mattress frame wire straightening machine, mattress wire bending machine, multineedle chain stitch quilting machine, single needle quilting machine, mattress sewing machine, mattress flanging machine, mattress tape edge machine, mattress film packing machine, mattress roll packing machine, mattress compression machine, mattress hot melt glue line, mattress production line, continuous foaming line, batch foaming machine, horizontal and vertical foam cutting machine, CNC foam cutting machine and so on. We offer free and permanent worldwide service.

Polyurethane Foam Plant Project

Automatic Intelligent Mattress Manufacture Plant Project

Project Management :

1.A professional project manager assists you to make a customized individual production plan based on your plant area, budget and output, and keep track of the whole process.

2.Senior technicians provide free professional on-site installation and training service.

3.Provide lifetime after-sales service for equipment.

The Benefits To Work With Ladetech 

1.Save much more labor cost with more automated production machine

2.Imporove production capacity with mroe advanced machines

3.Save production and storage space 

4.Reduce tranportation space and cost

5.Make more innovations on mattress production process

High quality machine

Prompt delivery time

On-site installation and training

Lifetime after-sales service

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